The R2R LD EP 011: Wyoming’s 2018 Gubernatorial Race, Regarding Public Lands

Thanks for dropping into another episode of the Right To Roam Lowdown! Adam is piloting the ship on his own this week to take a specific look at the public land policy stances of the prospective gubernatorial candidates for the state of Wyoming in 2018. There are some expected positions founded on strong evidence and there are some policy positions that’ll make you scratch your head or throw your phone in disgust. For the most part, this episode is a relay of information, however there are a few great points of clarification in regards to some very hyperbolic statements made by the candidates. We hope you find this episode as a good reason to start (or finish) a discussion about who to support in the upcoming August primary elections.

This episode of the Lowdown also features the fourth and final Go Fund Me Grand Prize winner. Someone, at the end of the episode, will be taking a brand new Seek Outside LBO w/ annex into the backcountry this summer, fall and for seasons to come! Thanks to all who contributed during the fundraising campaign, your support means more than you will ever know. A very special thanks to our donors First Lite, Western Bear Foundation, Sam Lockwood, and Seek Outside; without your support and participation this little event wouldn’t have even taken flight. As always, we ask that you take the time to subscribe, rate, review and share your favorite R2R episode. Happy Trails!

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