The R2R LD EP 010: Pack Impressions

Hey Roamers, welcome back to another episode of the Right To Roam Lowdown! Chris and Adam are in the giving spirit as we find out which one of our Go Fund Me donors is the newest Life member of the Western Bear Foundation. There are a few more shout-outs and there is still an opportunity to get your name in the hat for Sam’s custom bow and the Seek Outside LBO package. This short but sweet episode features the guys’ first impressions of the Seek Outside Peregrine 3500 and accessory bundle. We at Right To Roam are proud to confirm our partnership with the folks in Grand Junction that make up Seek Outside. Having the opportunity to work side by side with an outdoor organization that is so focused on public lands conservation and wildlife management is truly an honor. This is our first true foray into a “gear review” style podcast, but have no fear we’re not heading down that rabbit hole as there are a myriad of other gear focused podcasts out there. We just wanted to offer forth our initial impressions of these packs from Seek Outside.

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