The R2R LD EP 009: What You May Not Know About Bighorn Sheep

Welcome back to this high country episode of the Right To Roam Lowdown! Sam and Chris take a moment to touch on some lesser known bighorn sheep facts. From the finer points of reintroduction obstacles to historical ranges, this lowdown provides you with the kind of Jeopardy style trivia sure to make your campfire companions sit in awe! We greatly appreciate your time and value your listens and feedback. Please help us ensure our material is what you’re looking for by leaving us a rating and/or review on whichever podcast hosting site you hear R2R. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to future episodes of the podcast as we will continue to highlight sound, science-based conversations. Lastly, our Go Fund Me campaign is coming to its conclusion in the next month so be sure to hit up the website and donate before we start giving away the goods. Thanks Roamers, Happy Trails!

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