The R2R LD EP 008: Spring has Sprung

Hey Roamers, after a brief hiatus the Lowdown is back! For those of you interested in when and how we are handing out the Grand Prizes associated with our Go Fund Me, Sam and Adam have you covered. Then Chris and Adam present what we hope is the most common sense PSA in the outdoor world. The message is short but worth the listen and we hope you find value in what is discussed. We do want to throw out a huge set of thank yous to our listeners that have participated in the the Go Fund Me campaign thus far and want to also let you know that you have a little less than a month to get your chance at one of our four great grand prizes and some guaranteed R2R swag. We also want to thank First Lite, Seek Outside and the Western Bear Foundation for their support and donations to the kitty. As always we hope you enjoy the episode and will leave us a rating and review as well as take the time to share your favorite R2R episode with a friend, coworker and/or family member. Lastly, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss future episodes or opportunities at some upcoming giveaways. Happy Trails!

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