The R2R LD EP 006: Celebrity Policy

Thanks for dropping in to the Right To Roam podcast, here’s this week’s Lowdown! In this episode the guys of R2R touch on some semi-current events in the world of hunting, conservation and politics. The influence of celebrity in policy is at the root of this episode. Using Secretary Zinke’s recent appointment of hunting celebrity Cameron Hanes to an international wildlife conservation council, the guys express some opinions and try to dissassemble a few of the dogmatic views that surround this situation. We hope the topic generates some worthwhile discussion around your own camp fires this spring. Thanks for listening and please don’t forget to leave us a rating and review as well as subscribing to future episodes of the Right To Roam podcast. Happy Trails!

2 thoughts on “The R2R LD EP 006: Celebrity Policy

  1. I think you guys are off-base on this one. It’s great to have a hunter (and someone with experience actually hunting internationally) on an advisory committee that will help shape wildlife conservation and hunting regulations on an international level. They aren’t asking for his expertise as a conservation biologist. He just checks an important box on a committee with diverse representation and diverse experience and ideas. His celebrity reach is a way to positively promote/protect hunting culture. His willingness to participate on the committee highlights that hunters/hunting as a group willing to give back. Also, the notion that: due to some status or position held by a person, they should not be politically active is B.S. Celebrities have the same right as everybody else to be politically active. Sometimes there are consequences for their activism (like loosing fans) but that is their choice. I applaud them for putting the things they believe in ahead of their financial wellbeing.

    1. Nick, absolutely appreciate the feedback. This is why we wanted to dig into this topic a bit. I can’t say that any of us wish CH any failure or Sec Zinke as their association could have far reaching impact. This was an amature exploration into some political psychology that can have some fun ideologies to explore from both sides of the coin. We fully agree that his willingness to participate is valuable and can represent the hunting culture in a positive light we just hope that CH retains some speculation when it’s appropriate to do so rather than the alternative. Thanks again for listening and commenting.

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