The R2R LD EP 012: White-nose Syndrome

Welcome to another Right To Roam Lowdown! Lee and Chris touch on the recent discovery of white-nose syndrome affecting bats in Wyoming. Not sure what white-nose is? The guys have you covered with a “back to science” synopsis meant to satisfy. These non-game critters are not only fascinating but pivotal within the Cowboy State ecosystem and this occurrence warrants some information and discussion. This fungus has the potential to greatly affect one of our best forms of natural insect control and has to date resulted in the death of millions of these fury flyers. We hope you wrinkle the brain with some new information in this Lowdown episode and in doing so feel compelled to rate and review the podcast on your favorite platform. Also don’t forget to subscribe in order to avoid missing out on future full-length and lowdown episodes. Thanks again for listening and Happy Trails!

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