Special EP 002: Fact Checking Wyoming Gubernatorial Candidates

Thanks for joining us for this special episode of the Right To Roam podcast. In this episode Chris and Adam do their best to cover some of the misnomers, inaccuracies, and flat out falsities from the public lands forum for the 2018 Wyoming Gubernatorial candidates held August 9th in Casper, Wyoming. The forum, facilitated by the Wyoming Wildlife Federation, was designed to gain some insight into the stances, platforms and policy positions of the 2018 candidates for Wyoming’s highest office. The guys also take the opportunity to offer praise for answers or positions that they felt earned such. As a tribute to the podcast catch-phrase, “You have the right to your own opinions, not your own facts,” the guys also formulate answers for each of the prepared questions asked of the candidates.
We have no intention of providing an endorsement or to renounce any candidate that is running this fall as our intention is to purely address their positions and platforms regarding this issue. We hope you find some value in this critique as we, the state of Wyoming, nears the primary election on Tuesday the 21st of August. We are aware that not every minute of the forum was covered with a fine tooth comb, time and regular obligations didn’t allow for as complete of a critique as we would have liked. That being said we hope you enjoy this version of the Right To Roam podcast and will find the information valuable in your decision at the polls.
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2 thoughts on “Special EP 002: Fact Checking Wyoming Gubernatorial Candidates

  1. Interesting and gives some insight into just how important or unimportant these candidates see Public lands.

  2. I’m astonished to find that there are still folks wanting federal transfer to the States. I’m thankful for Wyoming Wildlife Federation, BHA, and Right to Roam podcast for getting this info out to the public. I could not personally attend and listened to the podcast. Great stuff guys! Keep it up!

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