Special EP 001: Wyoming Gubernatorial Forum on Public Lands 8/09/2018

Hey Roamers, thanks for checking out this special episode of the Right To Roam podcast. We at R2R want to extend a special thanks to the Wyoming Wildlife Federation for hosting this Q&A session with the 2018 Wyoming Gubernatorial Candidates. There were a series of six questions that each candidate had the opportunity to answer. Those questions are included below. The seating and answering order were as follows: Mary Throne, Mark Gordon, Sam Galeotos, Taylor Haines, Rex Rammell, Harriet Hageman, Bill Dahlin, Foster Friess, and Ken Kasner. The answer session for each question was started by a different candidate then answered in turn by seating order. We’ve included the initial answerer with each appropriate question.

As a follow up to this episode, your R2R crew is preparing a fact checking episode that we hope to release this time next week. We do want you to be aware that around the 2 hour mark our primary recording device malfunctioned and the audio is from a back-up device. We apologize as the quality is not as good and hope you can look past that. Thanks for listening and we hope you are looking forward to the forum fact checking episode coming up. Happy Trails!

The Questions:
1. Outdoor Rec: Tourism and outdoor recreation including hunting and fishing, represent a
significant sector in Wyoming’s economy. These industries create jobs and new economic
opportunity in Wyoming, and are stabilizing forces that can help us weather the fluctuations in
energy markets. Outdoor recreation in Wyoming notably generating 5.6 billion a year in consumer
spending alone. What will your administration do regarding tourism and outdoor recreation as
part of Wyoming’s economy?

2. WWNRT/Big game license coalition: The two prior administrations worked with the legislature
to establish programs such as the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust Fund and the Big
Game License Coalition to help fund wildlife and habitat conservation on Wyoming’s federal,
private, and state lands. How do you feel about these programs, and what additional opportunities
will your administration pursue to enhance wildlife and habitat conservation? Please be specific in
what additional opportunities if any you will pursue.

3. Sage Grouse: In 2010, the Fish and Wildlife Service determined the greater sage grouse
warranted listing under the Endangered Species Act. However, due to the collaborative
conservation efforts of the prior two administrations, it was ultimately determined that sage
grouse no longer warranted listing. How will your administration handle the Sage Grouse
Executive Order and the Sage Grouse issue in general?

4. Migrations: Wyoming is a national leader on understanding big game migration patterns using
innovative research. How would your administration address the identification and conservation
of big game migration corridors?

5. Public Lands: Roughly half of Wyoming land is owned and managed by the federal government
(Bureau of Land Management, United States Forest Service, National Parks Service, etc..). Hunters
and anglers depend on this land to support robust wildlife populations and to provide access.
Describe your vision for public land management and access? How will your administration
interact with federal land management agencies to implement your vision?

6. WGFD funding: 50% of Wyoming residents hunt, fish, or partake in both. Licenses fund much of
the work for Wyoming’s Game and Fish Department, in recent years, some people have argued
that license fees are insufficient to fulfill the Department’s statutory mandate to manage all
wildlife. What will be your administration’s strategy for funding the Wyoming Game and Fish

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