R2R LD EP 016: Demystifying Elk Hunting

Happy September Roamers! Welcome to another episode of the Right To Roam Lowdown! Chris and Adam draw on their 40+ years of combined elk hunting experience and success to bring forth some misnomers or absolutes that other hunting media sources prognosticate as the “How To’s of Elk Hunting.” In this quick hitter the guys leave you with each of their top three points of interest/advice/constants for every elk hunt they take. We fully realize that there is no such thing as an “Easy Button” or a “one size fits all” approach to an archery elk hunt when everybody’s definition of success is as different as the hunters that take to the elk woods, however, we hope you can take some of these words of experience to heart in order to make your next elk adventure a great one.

Don’t forget to tag us, #r2rpodcast on your Instagram photos to have a chance at joining us for an episode after this hunting season is over. You, the listeners will get the final say in which pic will determine that guest! Sam, Lee, Chris and Adam will narrow down the entrants and deliver four photos for you to choose from. For now, get into those public lands we all value so greatly, share your hunt in a way that means the most to you, tag us and we’ll take if from there.

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