R2R LD 030: Right To Ramble @ BHA Rendezvous Pt. 3

Howdy Roamers and thanks for checking out the third and final installment of our #righttoramblebha2019. We have a solid trio of conversations and ramblings for you this week that we know you will enjoy and distribute among your friends. As a refresher, we plucked folks from the showroom floor to answer one or two of our 11 selected questions. These brief conversations are that result.

Our first guest that we plucked from the showroom floor was none other than United States Senator, Martin Heinrich. Senator Heinrich was instrumental, to say the least, in passing the most recent LWCF legislation through the U.S. Senate this year. He has a great take on what a public lands legacy looks like through his unique lens.

Next in the camp chair is Ed Arnett of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. Our conversation with Ed starts with some favorite public lands and then tiptoes into a wild sheep conservation conversation. This one definitely teases out a future conversation for one of our longer episodes.

Lastly, we were joined by two midwestern BHA board members. Tony Ruffing, chair of the Ohio chapter and Joe Steffen, treasurer for the Wisconsin chapter fill out some air time as well as a camp love seat and offer up some great laughs and genuine conversation regarding their time spent in our public spaces.

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