R2R LD 028: Right To Ramble @ BHA Rendezvous 2019 Pt. 1

Howdy Roamers and thanks for dropping in for this edition of the Right To Roam Podcast Lowdown. We have a helluva trio of quick conversations that were recorded at the recent Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Rendezvous in Boise, ID. Each of our guests had to choose to answer a question from a list we had compiled over the course of the podcast’s tenure. Out goal was to keep each Q&A to around five minutes, you can imagine how efficient we were at maintaining that parameter. Logistical specifics aside, we thoroughly enjoyed each of these quick recording sessions and hope you do as well.

Our first guest is Ashley Kurtenbach. Ashley is a BHA board member for the state of South Dakota and her enthusiasm for the outdoors and conservation is clearly evident. Ashley was also on the docket as a participant in the Rendezvous Storytellers event this year.

The second guests to join us were TJ Hauge of Wisconsin and Mark Nordquist of Minnesota. Both of these gents are active in their respective BHA chapters and communities. There are some great moments of thoughtful insight as well as quality silliness in this quick conversation.

Our final guest for this installment was Greg Qualley, formerly of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. He brought decades of professional experience and current retiree perspectives on time to this Q&A session.

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