EP 20: Getting into Hunting as an Adult with Emily and Jess

Welcome back to the podcast! In this episode Lee and Sam speak with newbie hunters, Emily and Jess, and dive into the whats, whys, and hows of getting into hunting as adults. There are some great stories as Jess is Sam’s fiance and Emily has been friends with the R2R guys for years, therefore, familiarity abounds. This is a great episode for those of you interested in the process of getting into hunting all the while juggling the many aspects of adulthood! Hunter education memories, the Wyoming hunter mentor program, and some antelope and elk stories make up some of the highlights of this episode. We really hope you enjoy the conversation, laughs, and stories. Please don’t forget to give Right To Roam a rating and review on whichever means you listen to us. Also don’t forget to subscribe and share your favorite R2R episode with your friends. Happy trails!

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