EP 039: Bats, Public Land Squatting, and Wedding Planning?

Howdy Roamers and welcome back to the Right To Roam podcast! We’re excited to bring a pretty diverse episode to you this week as Chris, Sam and Lee are joined by a non-game project biologist up to her eyes in bats! Laura Beard works for the Wyoming Game and Fish and has some great insight and perspective to share regarding this often under appreciated yet flat-out cool mammal. Where do they go in the winter? How do you track these furry fliers? Where does one live when in the midst of bat research? These questions and more get addressed including where Sam and his fiance are registered for their upcoming wedding!

We hope you enjoy geeking out with Laura and the guys and in doing so feel the need to share this or any other episode of the R2R podcast. As always please leave us a rating and review as well as subscribing to future episodes. Happy Trails!

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