EP 036: Reminiscing and Story Telling with Walt Gasson

Welcome back Roamers to the Right To Roam podcast! We’ve got a great episode for you this week in that we are giving away our first Grand Prize (Thanks First Lite) associated with the Go Fund Me and we have a special guest in Walt Gasson. Lee and Sam sit down with Walt, a pioneering wildlife biologist with the Wyoming Game and Fish and current Trout Unlimited advocate/employee/and all around great storyteller. This episode is part history lesson, part current event, part hunting/field stories and ALL worth the listen. Walt’s years of experience with the WY Game and Fish span the early years of air surveys, managing the relationships/issues with energy companies and even a story or two with co-host Sam Lockwood’s late father and WY Game and Fish biologist Ron Lockwood. There is sure to be something in this episode for everyone.

If you’re concerned about loosing out on the First Lite Grand Prize, don’t fret! You still have some time to get into the Go Fund Me drawing for the self-bow, Western Bear Foundation Life Membership and Seek Outside LBO package. Thanks again for taking the time to listen and please take the time to leave us a rating and review on whichever hosting site you frequent for your R2R fix and don’t forget to subscribe! Happy Trails!

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