EP 035: From Falcons to Ferrets with Bob Oakleaf

Welcome back to the podcast Roamers! Thanks for joining us on this very unique episode. Chris and Adam are joined by retired, legendary non-game biologist Bob Oakleaf. Bob, as the state of Wyoming’s first non-game biologist, played an invaluable role in the recovery efforts of the Peregrine Falcon and Black-footed Ferret. With the aid of some fine red wine, the guys discuss the implementation and creation of a non-game division of wildlife management in the west. Some of the difficulties and barriers Bob faced as a trail-blazing biologist are echoed by game management issues of today. Bob shares his experiences and methodologies with reintroduction efforts of these two iconic species. From monitoring and camping on fledgling sites on remote cliffs in Wyoming’s wilderness to selectively breeding a struggling mustelid species and nursing them back from the brink, Bob takes us down memory lane sharing his successes, struggles and would’ve/could’ve/should’ve done’s through the processes of rebuilding these intriguing species. We hope you enjoy this episode and in doing so feel compelled to help us keep the podcast rolling along by leaving a rating/review, subscribing and visiting/contributing to our Go Fund Me campaign. There are a few weeks left to get entered as we will start announcing the Grand Prize winners on May 31st! For more information click here to see the prize list or head on over to the Go Fund Me page and support continued science based management and information. Happy Trails!

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