EP 033: The Wyoming Outdoor Council with Dan Heilig

Thanks for dropping by the Right To Roam Podcast! In this episode Chris and Adam have the pleasure of visiting with Dan Heilig of the Wyoming Outdoor Council in Lander, Wyoming. The WOC is a non-profit conservation group that focuses on science based management to ensure our wild spaces remain wild and available for our public access and most importantly for natural function and viability. The guys discuss WOC history, legislative hurdles as conservation advocates, and sage grouse among other topics. We hope you enjoy this episode and in doing so will leave us a rating and review as well as subscribing to the podcast so you don’t miss future episodes. If you have a moment we’d also ask that you visit our Go Fund Me page and help us keep on keeping on. Happy Trails!

3 thoughts on “EP 033: The Wyoming Outdoor Council with Dan Heilig

  1. Informative episode! Hi this is Jessica Shipman, Lee yes I’m one of the twins:) My husband and I moved to Idaho a couple years ago, look me up if you’re ever in the Boise area! Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Great pod cast! It’s nice to hear facts and science, and focus on what we like to think are common values of wildlife and open space.

    The state’s first industrial solar project is set to be built in the midst of antelope migration (Sweetwater County). Talk about wildlife un-friendly fencing. And makes a mockery of “multiple use.” Another issue on the horizon.

    What you are doing is important. Thank you.

    Full disclosure, I’m on the board of directors of WOC, and was alerted to this podcast in a recent newsletter. Our senior advocate did an awesome job, and you brought up so many valuable points. Well done, all of you.

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