EP 028: Wyoming Leadership with Mark Gordon, Bob Budd, and Scott Talbott

Welcome back to the Right To Roam Podcast! This episode is the third and final part of the Sportsmen’s Legislative Reception the guys from R2R had the pleasure of attending. In this episode, Chris, Adam, and Sam are joined by three heavy hitters in the Wyoming political and public resource management arena. Current State Treasurer, Mark Gordon, Executive Director of the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust, Bob Budd, and Director of the Wyoming Game and Fish, Scott Talbott sit in to reminisce, converse, and discuss all things Wyoming. The guys and their guests cover the state from land usage issues, discerning opinions, favorite vistas, and conflict resolution. This conversation is a great example for the common sportsmen to hear as these three gents hold many of the same views and facts close to heart as all the rest of us, they just are in positions of authority to help continue the heritage we hold so dear. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did and in doing so please leave a rating and review on Itunes or Stitcher and then hit that subscribe button so you are privy to upcoming episodes. Happy Trails!

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