EP 013: The March for Science

On this episode of the Right To Roam podcast, 3/4 of the hosting contingent are joined by co-coordinator of the March for Science, Kristen Gunther, to discuss the importance of science in education and our management practices, where and how the scientific process can be effective, and some of the roadblocks and hurdles that can be faced when addressing conservation issues. There are a couple of moments where technical difficulties rears its figurative head and muddies the sound quality, but the conversation is a great one. We hope you enjoy this episode and as always please don’t forget to subscribe to future episodes, rate and review this or previous episodes of the podcast, and share us with your friends and family. Your listenerhsip is what keeps us going. Thanks again and Happy Trails!

One thought on “EP 013: The March for Science

  1. Love this episode – the idea of science for everyone in any situation helps create more interest in an area that seems to barely hold its own with our kids

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