EP 009: Grass Roots Advocacy, Archery Geeks, and Blitzkrieg

One of the many follow ups to Episode 5 wherein we discussed the different entities involved in the management of our public lands and resources, the guys at Right To Roam welcome Bowhunters of Wyoming Legislative Officer, Randy Burtis, to the podcast. Randy is active duty military, a die hard stick bow enthusiast, and a great voice for our public lands and bowhunting in the state of Wyoming. Also this episode kicks off our Right To Roam hat giveaway. There are three ways to enter: #1-Share your favorite R2R episode on Facebook, #2-Tag a buddy on our Instagram post that is associated with this episode, and #3-Rate us and leave a review on Itunes, Stitcher, or out website. Three hats to be given away and three ways to get entered. Thanks for listening and don’t forget to subscribe!

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