EP 004: Summer Livin’ and Fall Preparations

Listen in as the guys from Right To Roam share their summer plans on a personal and podcast level as well as delving into their preparations and expectations for the upcoming fall hunting season. As always, thank you for listening and please feel free to leave a comment or review on the website or on Stitcher. Share this with friends and don’t forget to subscribe!

3 thoughts on “EP 004: Summer Livin’ and Fall Preparations

  1. Good stuff guys! Makes me excited for what’s to come this year. And I share the same sentiments on general hunting. It would be great to draw some of these limited quota tags this year, but some of my favorite hunting is grinding it out in a general area. Keep it up.

  2. I know you have all stated where you live and where you are from or grew up, but think it would be interesting and fun to hear how you got hooked on the outdoors in a little more detail, i.e. who drug you out for your first hunting camp experience? What made your experience/s life-changing? How did you keep up your interest through college, jobs, marriage, etc? Encourage the faint hearted to bring the outdoors to their families.

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