EP 003: Shed hunting, the Quagmire

What? Really? Episode number three! This edition of the Right To Roam podcast focuses on a great spring time activity, finding shed antlers. The guys cover different western states’ regulations and some of the issues surrounding this gangbusters reason to roam our public spaces. Thanks for listening and please feel free to leave a review and/or subscribe on Stitcher.

3 thoughts on “EP 003: Shed hunting, the Quagmire

  1. Nice work guys!
    This topic was so serious compared to wonderbread and wild game cold cuts.
    I enjoyed learning about the body fat and mule deer wintering correlation and how and when they put that on.
    One thing I would like to learn more about is, as a lay person, how do I go about doing my own research. Where do I find reputable sources, how do I know they are reputable. I think as humans we for some reason have to have the info in our grubby fingers, which is how it should be. I think in order to have these discussions with fellow sportsman, the ones blazing a trail, have to be able to say this is a fact, and here is where it comes from. If I cannot support my findings about the correlation between jackalope breeding seasons and how the wearing of a flat brimmed hat increases there virility while recording my findings, it is a tough sale.
    ( I will pay someone to please crease Mr. Sheets hat bills for me)
    Thanks for the info, and the education. Keep it up.

  2. Keep up the good work,
    Listening to your podcast has opened my eyes further than before to just how much presure is on these game herds, that most people completely take for granted as a resource that is there for the taking, and thinking they have a right to it without giving any thought to what the impact on the future of all the wild life we enjoy.
    Peter D

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