EP 079: Wild Sheep and Wool Growers

Howdy Roamers! Thanks for checking out this episode of the Right To Roam Podcast. We have a great episode teaming with information, exploration and collaboration. Chris is joined by guest host Samantha Dwinell to speak with 3rd generation sheep rancher, John Helle, and Wild Sheep Foundation Conservation Director and retired Montana Fish and Wildlife biologist Kurt Alt to dive into the often contentious subject of bighorn sheep and domestic sheep. These two fine gents, though based on opposite sides of the topic, consider each other colleagues and the discussion reinforces their common interests and goals.

The diversion between wool growers and wild sheep is not an unfamiliar one. John and Kurt, through their professional and personal relationship set the standard for setting aside differences to explore and flesh out mutually beneficial results. We hope you find this conversation as educational and entertaining as we did having it.

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