EP 055: Ursacks

Howdy Roamers! Thanks for stopping by to check out another episode of the Right To Roam Podcast! This week’s conversation takes a turn to the product realm of the great outdoors, a topic we rarely visit with regularity. Chris, Lee and Adam are joined by Tom Cohen former owner of Ursacks. For nearly 20 years Tom has been designing, building and testing backpacker-friendly bear-proof storage bags. The conversation covers the origins of Tom’s idea through certification and testing processes and beyond. Though originally designed for the backcountry backpacker, Ursacks would seem to fill a great niche in the backcountry hunter’s “must have” list.

Though not disqualifying the idea of promoting Ursacks in a business setting, it should be noted that Right To Roam has no official business relationship with Tom or Ursacks. We just thought the bags were a serious, “Why didn’t I think of that?” kind of moment and worth the conversation.

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