EP 054: Cyrus Western

Howdy Roamers! Thanks for dropping into another episode of the Right To Roam Podcast. In this week’s episode, Adam is joined by freshman legislator to the Wyoming House of Representatives, Cyrus Western. Cyrus was elected to the District 51 seat of the House during the 2018 election. Being a freshman legislator is a tall enough order to fulfill and the guys spend a few minutes discussing some of the potential obstacles that Cyrus is likely to encounter. The meat and potatoes of the conversation, held at the Luminous Brewhouse in Sheridan, Wyoming, centers around Cyrus’s ideas for contributing to the mitigation of a stalwart in the conservation conversation, migration corridors. The impact on mule deer rests at the forefront of this discussion but the impact across multiple species and western regions is evident throughout the young representative’s ideas.

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One thought on “EP 054: Cyrus Western

  1. Good interview — like the fact that he understands the value of young people being involved in their communities as well as their state. We need more young people like Cyrus to become part of our government – people who will research, read, ask questions, seek experienced folks to help educate them on the ins and outs of government

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