EP 052: BDAs, Mesocarnivores and Field Tales

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Howdy Roamers! Thanks for taking the time out of your day to drop in for another episode of the Right To Roam Podcast. Lee and Adam are joined by Kyla West for a great conversation including parachuting beavers, red wolf status and canine carnivore research. Kyla draws on her graduate and post-graduate efforts and experiences to share some great insight on wolf, coyote and fox behavior in proximity to human population. A pen and paper may be needed to catalog the information shared in this one!

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One thought on “EP 052: BDAs, Mesocarnivores and Field Tales

  1. Great podcast! Regarding the downfall of the popularity of trapping, Washington state outlawed the use of all body gripping traps. A legislative “nail the coffin” to end trapping. Ever heard of someone cage trapping yotes? It’s damn near impossible. Or hauling cages on a mile long trap line for beaver or muskrat?

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