EP 051: No Spine, No Problem: It’s the Little Things!

Welcome back to the Right To Roam Podcast and thanks for taking the time to join Chris, Sam and Lee in a great conversation about the little things. The guys are joined by invertebrate zoologist, Dr. Lusha Tronstad, of the Wyoming Natural Diversity Database (WYNDD). Dr. Tronstad is responsible for developing and maintaining data on the distribution, natural history, conservation status, and habitat requirements of rare invertebrate species in Wyoming. She and her team accomplish this through field research projects and review of existing literature and museum resources. 

It’s the little things that matter in this conversation as Dr. Tronstad shares some of her research, experiences and anecdotes with the guys regarding the countless numbers of invertebrates she studies and the projects associated with those vital members of our ecosystems.

We hope you enjoy the information that is shared, share in the laughs had and can leave with a bit of new knowledge thanks to our guest. If you enjoy this conversation, please leave us a rating and review on ITunes/Stitcher as these snippets of feedback help us refine our programming as well as helping the podcast grow. Additionally, please take the time to share this or your favorite R2R episode within your circle of influence and don’t forget to subscribe! Happy Trails!

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