EP 050: Trash Pandas and Polecats…Affectionately of Course!

Hey Roamers! Thanks for hitting up another episode of the Right To Roam podcast, we appreciate you taking the time. Chris, Sam and Lee are joined by Rachel Fanelli and Lauren Stanton. Rachel is the project manager for the University of Wyoming Raccoon Project and Lauren is Ph.D candidate working on the raccoon project with Rachel. These two great minds cover a whole load of information surrounding the rural/urban lifestyles and habits of the sometimes pesky critters that make a living in our back yards, alleys and dumpsters. There are a few laughs as any conversation involving a skunk is bound to lead towards the comical at some point. There is also a plethora of information shared in the research Rachel and Lauren are part of facilitating. Non-game species like skunks and raccoons often get left in the margins of wildlife discussions, but that is not the case today!

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