EP 048: Pt. 3 Hunt To Eat, Media and Conservation

Thanks for hopping on the trail with us this week Roamers! We’ve got a great conversation with Lee, Sam and Adam being joined by co-founder and current owner/operator/spokesman of Hunt To Eat and all around conservation go-getter, Mahting Putelis. Some tough questions are asked and hopefully answered as the guys dive into some of the finer points of hunting and conservation advocacy in an environment where the majority of the audience can be oblivious of the content. Knowing your audience (both intentional and unintentional) and delivering your message in an conscientious and purposeful manner to advance the conservation message are just a couple of the topics covered in this discussion. Mahting is without a doubt a great messenger in the conservation advocacy realm and we hope this episode helps you join the rank and file of conservationists with a purpose. We all have an audience and whether we like it or not and/or intend to have our messages seen, we represent hunting and conservation as much as anyone. You can keep up with Mahting through his Facebook and/or Instagram accounts along with hitting up the Hunt To Eat website for all of you conservation t-shirt needs.

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