EP 047: Pt. 2 Seacat Creative, Media and Conservation

Thanks for tuning into the podcast Roamers! This week on the Right To Roam Podcast, we continue our multi-episode series that focuses on media’s role in conservation. Chris and Adam are joined by digital asset manager for Seacat Creative, Paul Kemper. Paul and the guys sprint right down the trail of the importance of conservation and the vital role commercial media can play ensuring the bar is moved in the right direction. Marketing in any space can easily be reduced to the almighty dollar, however, Paul and the folks at Seacat Creative take a conscientious approach to their representation and business partnerships. Whether we like/want/hate it, media of all kinds is a part of the outdoors. Each format has their inherent strengths as well as weaknesses and the potential to exaggerate either side of that coin will exist in perpetuity. Paul does a great job laying out how simple a sound marketing approach to hunting, conservation and the outdoors can be. This conversation is quickly vaulting up our personal favorites list and we hope it finds its way into your top spots too.

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