EP 046: Pt. 1 Life Link, Media and Conservation

Howdy Roamers and welcome back to the Right To Roam Podcast! This week starts us down a multi episode series with a focus on the wide world of media and its impact or lack thereof on conservation. Chris and Adam are joined by the creative mind behind a new multi-platform media experience, Garrett Burbank. Garrett and his team are responsible for an interactive hunting/survival show called Life Link. In this episode the guys cover the foundation of the show itself, how the conservation conversation fits into an entertainment platform, and what could be done to better convey the message of our public lands and resources. These among a handful of other topics get us off on the right foot for this media/conservation series in which we will also cover commercialization, social media fame, grass roots activism and research/storytelling. We hope you are as excited to hear this series as we are to bring it and our guests perspectives to you.

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