EP 045: Waaaaaayyyyyy Back Wildlife Management with Thomas Minckley

Thanks for hitting up the Right To Roam podcast and welcome to the episode! Get your time machines ready for this one as Lee and University of Wyoming Professor of Geography Thomas Minckley look back, like waaaaaayyyyy back into wildlife ecology, population trends, habitat variations and the like. This cerebral episode will have you fully involved in the process Tom implements when using the past to provide some perspective on what management issues we are facing in the present. Ice ages, droughts, and times of plenty are all conversational considerations in reassembling environmental history wherein we can address some of the modern day changes and prospective changes that have effected and may effect our environmental biodiversity. This episode is heavy on the research, study, and science side of things so grab your notebook, cup of coffee and open the channels of your mind receptive to new knowledge and settle in. ‘xrtjdm43’

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One thought on “EP 045: Waaaaaayyyyyy Back Wildlife Management with Thomas Minckley

  1. Francis Gradert ( Casper Game Warden Before Tom Ward?, Jim Bradley and Orville Mayer) had notes left in Warden Station desk when I moved to Casper in the mid 70’s. I remember his notes about attempting to move sage grouse off the casper air field, he essential said, “only way to keep them off is to kill them, they don’t change habits”

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