EP 043: Own the History and Culture with Randy Newberg

Hey Roamers, thanks for checking out this episode of the Right To Roam Podcast! Sam and Adam were honored to sit down at Fresh Tracks headquarters to speak with the man himself, Randy Newberg! The guys waste little time before diving into the importance of conservation and the need for hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts to step up to the figurative and literal podiums across this country to own our culture and history. Conservation, as a movement, has existed for more than 100 years and throughout that time we’ve had many successes that are worth sharing to remind people that the need for action is ongoing. In doing so, we can take the initiative to be diligent with our elected officials regarding their perceived plans for our public lands, wild spaces and wildlife. Randy is one of the more passionate and well informed members of the hunting/conservation community and that passion and aptitude comes out in this conversation.

This episode isn’t all heavy and hard hitting, as Sam gets and earful regarding life planning events and future obligations. The guys also dive into one of Randy’s favorite game animals, the pronghorn. He shares a couple of tales and experiences that over the years have strengthened his affinity for this speedy ungulate.

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