EP 078: Katelyn Sheehan

Thanks for checking out this episode of the Right To Roam Podcast. This episode, for a myriad of reasons, has been a long time coming. Chris, while attending BHA Rendezvous 2019, was joined by past guest of the podcast, Jessi Johnson to speak with Katelyn Sheehan. Katelyn has a life resume and ecurrent profession that […]

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EP 056: Cactus Conservation

Howdy Roamers and thanks for venturing to desert of Arizona with us for this episode! Chris is joined by a crew of backcountry badasses and conservation kingpins. Jess Johnson of Artemis and the Wyoming Wildlife Federation, Mahting Putelis of Hunt To Eat, Jared Frasier of 2% For Conservation, Craig Okraska of Maven Optics and Chris […]

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EP 055: Ursacks

Howdy Roamers! Thanks for stopping by to check out another episode of the Right To Roam Podcast! This week’s conversation takes a turn to the product realm of the great outdoors, a topic we rarely visit with regularity. Chris, Lee and Adam are joined by Tom Cohen former owner of Ursacks. For nearly 20 years […]

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EP 054: Cyrus Western

Howdy Roamers! Thanks for dropping into another episode of the Right To Roam Podcast. In this week’s episode, Adam is joined by freshman legislator to the Wyoming House of Representatives, Cyrus Western. Cyrus was elected to the District 51 seat of the House during the 2018 election. Being a freshman legislator is a tall enough […]

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EP 053: Tyler Sharp

Happy New Year Roamers! Thanks for starting off the year with the latest R2R podcast. You’ve definitely chosen a great episode to get you informed and pumped up for the conservation conversation in the new year. Adam is joined by the Editor-in-Chief of the Modern Huntsman, Tyler Sharp. Tyler brings a well traveled and experienced […]

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R2R LD Ep 019: The LWCF Update

Howdy Roamers, and welcome to another R2R lowdown! Chris takes some time to sit down with previous guest, friend of the podcast and public land advocate extraordinaire, Jess Johnson. The subject matter for this lowdown revolves around the updates regarding the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Since its expiration at the end of September, there […]

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R2R LD EP 017: The Quality Four

Howdy Roamers and welcome back to another Right To Roam Lowdown!…well…kinda!? For our 66th published episode we invite you to check out four of our favorites from the past year and a half. Chris had the audio honors for this one and he provides some great teasers for each of the “Qualilty Four.” This is […]

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EP 034: Seek Outside

Hey Roamers, thanks for taking the opportunity to tune in to this week’s episode of the Right To Roam Podcast! The R2R crew are joined by Lee Harrison of Seek Outside. For those of you not familiar with SO or if you are just wondering more about the back story and approach to business, this […]

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The R2R LD EP 006: Celebrity Policy

Thanks for dropping in to the Right To Roam podcast, here’s this week’s Lowdown! In this episode the guys of R2R touch on some semi-current events in the world of hunting, conservation and politics. The influence of celebrity in policy is at the root of this episode. Using Secretary Zinke’s recent appointment of hunting celebrity […]

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EP 028: Wyoming Leadership with Mark Gordon, Bob Budd, and Scott Talbott

Welcome back to the Right To Roam Podcast! This episode is the third and final part of the Sportsmen’s Legislative Reception the guys from R2R had the pleasure of attending. In this episode, Chris, Adam, and Sam are joined by three heavy hitters in the Wyoming political and public resource management arena. Current State Treasurer, […]

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EP 026: Legislative Wrap with WWF

Welcome back to the Right To Roam Podcast! Consider this part one of a three part package that found the guys from R2R at the Wyoming Sportsmen’s Legislative Reception in Cheyenne, WY. Jessi Johnson of the Wyoming Wildlife Federation joins the crew to recap the day’s events and who, what, why and how Wyoming’s legislature […]

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EP 018: Hunter Ethics Pt. 2

Welcome back to the Right To Roam podcast! This episode the the continuation of Lee and Adam’s discussion from Episode 016 on hunter ethics. In this episode the soapboxes can get a little taller and the issues a bit more in depth as field craft and weapon proficiency are both discussed. We appreciate you taking […]

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