EP 058: Hayes Goosey, Entomology

Howdy Roamers and thanks for stopping in for this science heavy episode! Chris is joined by Dr. Hayes Goosey of Montana State University to discuss the range land crawlers that have a more significant impact than we think. Dung beetles, sage grouse and responsible grazing practices are all on the docket for this biologists’ biology […]

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EP 057: Joshua Morse

Thanks for dropping in Roamers, to another episode of the Right To Roam podcast! The whole crew is present for this conversation with first time R2R guest, Joshua Morse. Joshua’s research, and this conversation, centers around the ins, outs, ups and downs of migration corridors and the ungulates that rely on them. Reluctantly, we are […]

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EP 013: The March for Science

On this episode of the Right To Roam podcast, 3/4 of the hosting contingent are joined by co-coordinator of the March for Science, Kristen Gunther, to discuss the importance of science in education and our management practices, where and how the scientific process can be effective, and some of the roadblocks and hurdles that can […]

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